Conferencias culturales por Gregorio Luke ::Murals Under the stars 2014::

murals under the stars






A multimedia presentation by Gregorio Luke

Enjoy HOMBRES NECIOS QUE ACUSAIS… Sor Juana’s  masterpiece  in English and Spanish


Saturday July 26 7-10 pm

Familias Corazones Verdes Park Latino Health Access

602 E 4rth St. Santa Ana, CA 92701

FREE ADMISSION (Bring your own chair and blanket)


Sor Juana is considered the first feminist in our hemisphere. She denounced men’s hypocrisy and duplicity in their relationships with women. If they seduce a woman and she accepts, she is “easy” and treated like a whore, if says no, she is “ungrateful” and treated like a shrew. Here are excerpts of her most famous poem that I will read in its entirety in English and Spanish this Saturday:


Hombres necios que acusáis                                             Misguided men who will chastise

a la mujer sin razón,                                                           a woman when no blame is due

sin ver que sois la ocasión                                                 oblivious that it is you

de lo mismo que culpáis…                                                 who prompted what you criticized…


Siempre tan necios andáis                                                 You men are such a foolish breed,

que, con desigual nivel,                                                      appraising with a faulty rule,

a una culpáis por cruel                                                        the first you charge with being cruel,

y a otra por fácil culpáis…                                                   the second easy, you decree…


Bien con muchas armas fundo                                           But no, I deem you still will revel

que lidia vuestra arrogancia,                                               in your arms and arrogance

pues en promesa e instancia                                               and in promise and persistence

juntáis diablo, carne y mundo.                                           adjoin flesh and world and devil.


Sor Juana wrote extraordinary plays and poems and was interested in science. She had a telescope and conceived an infinite universe. She even wrote about politics. In a letter to the Viceroy, asking clemency for a man on death row, she writes a stunning condemnation of the death penalty: “Any man can take a life, but only God can breathe life in.  So, only with the gift of life, may you hope to resemble him. “


What destroys Sor Juana was a theological discussion about God’s greatest favor. Sor Juana concludes that Gods greatest gift is freedom. Immediately she was denounced by the Church hierarchy and forced to recant. In a final indignity, she had to sign a shameful confession with her own blood, that concluded with the words: “I the worst of all, I the worst of the world.”


Sor Juana would never write or speak again and died in obscurity at 47.  But her censors failed to silence her. Three hundred years later, her poetry lives on, as a symbol of love and freedom.  This Saturday we will remember her. If you are a poet, or know someone who is, call me (562 305 0133).  We want today’s poets to share the stage with the beautiful, the incomparable SOR JUANA INES DE LA CRUZ.